By the time our interests are changing, nowadays peoples are more interested in Kinemaster Pro MOD APK videography instead of photography. Now we like to share our videos with friends on social media, and we need a perfect software to make our videos more attractive and beautiful. If you are looking for an ideal video editor, you are in a perfect place.

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Kinemaster Pro MOD APK Download (Fully Unlocked) 2020

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Kinemaster Pro MOD APK Detail

APK NameKineMaster Pro APK
Version4.12 [Latest Version]
Android Required4.1+
DeveloperKineMaster Corporation
Last Updated30 April 2020
APK TypeKineMaster Pro – Premium Unlocked APK

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Kinemaster Pro MOD APK Download (Fully Unlocked) 2020

Kinemaster Pro Download

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Kinemaster is the best video editor, and it’s a potent tool, you can find it on play store. It fantastic provides features; most users are irritated due to watermark appear on the video. By using this tool, you can avoid watermark, and you can use the premium version for free without paying any subscription. All you need is to just download the apk mod file on your device. Its unlocked version is available for free to Android users. It is the most favorite app on the Play store and becoming popular among users.

Its free version has limited features; the premium version is available with extended features. On the free version, it projects watermark, but now the unlocked version is available to users for free. Otherwise, users have to pay for their premium versions. Using unlocked Kinemaster, you can enjoy amazing extended versions for free.

Most important is its fantastic interface; the user feels convenient while using this app. User doesn’t feel irritated while using it because of comfortable (UI). No special skills are required to operate this tool, and it is elementary to use. You can also download this for your windows PC. Improve the quality of your videos the same as professionals make videos on paid tools, professionally make your videos.

You can make quality videos on your smartphone, and there is no need to have a PC. For beginners, it is a beneficial application. If you want to start vlogging and don’t have specialized tools and PC to edit videos, don’t worry, unlocked version gives you full features to edit video. Enjoy premium features for free by downloading the Apk mod file.

Kinemaster Mod apk

   Download Kinemaster Mod APK


1.Chroma key

Chroma key

It is the most crucial feature of this editor, and the Chroma key is beneficial to change the background of videos. But necessary to keep the green screen in history. You can change the background whatever you want. This feature is commonly used in filmmaking, and we frequently watch incredible backgrounds in science fiction movies, adventure movies. Now every user can use this feature, and you can increase your video quality as same as for is what you are waiting for, and it is a very incredible feature.


kinemaster Without water markMost of the peoples are very irritated by the watermark on the project, but free versions of all video editors are provided with watermark; otherwise, the user has to buy the subscription of the premium version. But the unlocked version is equipped with features to remove the watermark from the project. Now you feel more convenient using it, and it’s a very cool application to edit videos.

3.Share videos

Share videos kinemaster

Share your creations on this tool with your friends. You can share videos on all social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram, etc. it is a smart tool that provides you cool features.

4.Convenient to use

Convenient to use

This application is free of ads, and you will not be irritated while using this tool. You can edit videos conveniently, and there are no ads pop up while working on your project. Mostly free tools feel very inconvenient due to the iteration of ads.



This feature helps you to improve the quality of your work, and you can adjust video ingredients after having a preview. It is an essential feature for users and helps in video making.

6.Sound effects

Sound effects    

You can change background music, change sound effects. It is the most important feature to make your video more attractive. It necessary feature to edit video; you can improve music quality like professional editors.



It is a valuable feature for a video editor; in this tool, you are provided with multi-layers on audio, video, and text. It is useful to enhance video attraction and quality.

8.Voice recording

Voice recording

It is a unique feature mostly not available in video editors, and you can use this feature in vlogs, lectures, advertisement videos, and reviews. Mostly this feature is included in premium versions, but you can use it for free.



The transition effect is commonly used to make the video more charming for a user because it helps to change on video shot into next. You can attract the viewer’s attention by using a beautiful transition in the video. You can create brilliant vlogs or projects. You can get advantages of using the transition effect.

10.Video speed

Video speed

It is a necessary feature in every video editor. You can adjust the speed of your video; to make videos more charming, you can convert it into a slow-motion video, and you can increase speed, as usual, peoples do in their vlogs. This feature is provided on this tool, and you can edit videos more efficiently.

11.Multiple tracks

Multiple tracks

You have seen videos with multiple audio tracks, and this tool also provides you this feature. You can combine more than one audio tracks in a single video. This feature is beneficial in video making, and you can make your vlogs more charming. You can mix music using this tool.

12.Media support

Media support

This tool supports ultra HD video and 4k video. You can edit your videos without resolution worries. It doesn’t affect your video resolution after editing. This feature is premium in other tools, but in this unlocked version, you can enjoy this feature without anycast. Now you can work in a convenient environment.

13.Undo & Redo

Undo & Redo

After performing a specific action, you want to go back to the previous action, and you can Undo that action. You are also able to Redo that action again. It is a beautiful feature that provides ease for you.

14.Variety of themes


To improve the quality of your video, you can use different themes available on this tool. You can make videos more charming using it. Verity of themes is crucial to edit videos at a high-quality level. It is a necessary feature mostly available on video editor applications.

15.Aspect ratio

Aspect ratio

it is a beneficial feature, before editing a video it gives you the option to select an aspect ratio. Aspect ratio helps in a sense if you are creating video for YouTube, Dailymotion. You can create a video for TikTok and social media stories. It helps create a quality video.

What are Kinemaster requirements?

This application is available for both Android and IOS operating systems. Both end users can enjoy its amazing features. For android users, it requires at least Android 4.1.2. It is efficient on Android 4.2, and it has excellent performance on the above 4.2 version.

For iPhone users, it supports IOS 9.3 and onward higher versions. Below this version, kinemaster doesn’t support. It is applicable to iPhone 5s and higher model; blow iPhone 5s all models don’t support this tool, supported by the latest model.

How to download unlocked kinemaster pro version?

You can download an unlocked version from this website for android; just click on the download button it will take time according to your WIFI connection. After downloading tap on the application icon and install on your android device. Start enjoying its premium features and make quality videos. Pro version is free of the cast with enhanced features.

How to install kinemaster Apk?


Kinemaster is very famous on google play store, and you can download the application readily available. It may auto-install or tap on the app icon to install. The installation process may take some time according to device capabilities. Permit unknown resources before installing a video.

How to download kinemaster on pc?

You can use kinemaster on your PC by using an emulator; this is a straightforward way to install this application. Officially this app is not available on Windows or MAC PC. It is an alternative method of using this application on your PC. You can use it for professional work by using this process. Click on the download button given below after download installs it on your PC. Start making quality videos for your work.


It is a very fantastic application for editing video, and you can enhance your video quality by using this tool. It is an unlocked version with premium features for a fee. Day by day, this application is becoming more famous among users. Most of us think video editing is a challenging process, but you will find video editing easy by using this tool. Enjoy premium features for free.

Is kinemaster a safe app?

Of course, it is a secure application available to the user. You don’t need to take worry about data privacy. It doesn’t steal your personal information from the device, and it provides you a secure environment. A third party does not host it, and it is hosted officially. There is no privacy issue of using this application.